Workshop Jurnalistik & Pelatihan Blog Pelajar SMU/SMK se-Bali

baliblogger workshop

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2 tahun Bali Blogger Coummunity


The Jakarta Post : Bloggers educate children on IT

Bloggers educate children on IT

Anton Muhajir , The Jakarta Post , Gianyar | Wed, 06/10/2009 1:04 PM | Bali

Nine-year old Ni Kadek Kristina found that typing on the keyboard of the 8-inch sub notebook was no easy task. The third grader at the SD 1 Guwang state elementary school was trying to type the word petani (farmer) and she paused repeatedly as her eyes scanned the cramped keyboard searching for the correct letters.

Kristina’s friend, Ni Putu Eka, was sitting next to her. Eka watched her friend finish the task and then took her turn in using the mini computer. Her eyes were bright with amazement.

The students were participating in a computer workshop organized by the Bali Blogger Community (BBC) on Sunday. BBC members took different roles in the workshop.

For instance, Trimartono Muliawan became the main mentor in
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Bali Blogger : Internet Membuat Mereka Lupa Daratan

Internet Membuat Mereka Lupa Daratan

Mon, 06/07/2009 – 15:21

Minggu (5/7) kemarin, Bali Blogger Community (BBC) bikin kegiatan Berbagi Tak Pernah Rugi Episode II. Kegiatan kali ini berupa pelatihan internet di Banjar Serongga Kaja, Desa Serongga, Kecamatan Gianyar, Kabupateng Gianyar.

Berbagi Tak Pernah Rugi merupakan kegiatan baru di BBC. Lewat kegiatan ini kami ingin membagi apa yang kami punya pada komunitas lain, pengetahuan misalnya.

Sebelumnya, bulan lalu BBC bikin pelatihan juga dalam judul kegiatan yang sama di Yayasan Anak Tangguh, Banjar Wangbung Desa Guwang,
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Bale Bengong : Pelatihan Teknologi Informasi ala BBC

June 7th, 2009

Pelatihan Teknologi Informasi ala BBC

Oleh Anton Muhajir

Pelatihan Bali Blogger Community di Sanggar Anak Tangguh

Jari-jari Ni Kadek Kristina, 9 tahun, bergerak di keyboard laptop HP 8 inchi itu. Dia terlihat agak kagok. Untuk mengetik hruf “a” ketika menulis “petani”, siswa kelas III SD 1 Guwang ini harus lebih dulu mencari-cari huruf “A” di keyboard.

Ni Putu Eka, teman Kristina, juga ikut mengetik. Dia bergantian dengan Kristina mengetik contoh yang diberikan oleh Trimartono Muliawan, anggota Bali Blogger Community (BBC).

Ketika Tri menyampaikan materi tentang cara menulis di program Word
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